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100 Days of Peace and Hope

HOPE, the charity which co-published The Servant Queen and the King She Serves, is coordinating this season of prayers for peace. Church leaders, Christian ministries, charities and members of the Armed Forces from Britain and the Commonwealth have provided prayers and suggestions for peace-making activities. These 100 Days of Peace and Hope have been collated online at They are available free to be used by individuals, churches and schools in villages, towns and cities across the UK to reflect on the losses of war, and to work and pray for peace.

In his introduction to 100 Days of Peace and Hope Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby writes, ‘From 4 August 2018, in churches across this country, let us mark 100 days with prayers for peace, hope and reconciliation.’

Rev Nims Obunge, The Queen’s Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London and CEO of The Peace Alliance, explains the impact Remembrance 100 could have in communities: ‘Plan to organise a peace prayer event, community peace talks, a peace festival, a peace arts and poetry competition, peace projects and many more community building activities.’ 

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