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“Household of Faith” Conference 17 – 19 July 2014

Will our children have faith? That is the question. The answer we will be exploring is - it all depends on whether or not they are raised in a Christian household of faith.  The Household of Faith conference aims to focus on issues of nurturing faith within the home and Church community. We are bringing together some key voices to discuss the theology, practice and the resourcing we need to effectively pass on faith to the next generation!

Our Keynote Speaker is Dr. John Westerhoff and he will be giving the following lectures

  • We are our stories || The church’s continual quest to transmit, enhance and enliven its faith in the Gospel.
  • Contemporary challenges || The historical, cultural, and societal, contexts in which we strive to make Christians.
  • The Christian life of faith || Naming goals for our educational ministry.
  • Being and becoming human || The processes of teaching and learning in the Church.
  • The Church as a household of Faith and the Body of Christ || Communal life and Christian formation from the perspective of practical theology.
  • Living into our Baptism || The life long process of becoming Christ-like personally and communally.

Additional speakers include: Bishop Paul Butler / Lucy Moore / Mary Hawes / Krish Kandiah / Irene Broadley-Westerduin / Nick Shepherd / Jim Davis . . . and others!  So that leaves us with the Key Question – How Much? // How Can I Book?

  • £300 – That includes 3 days of conference, 2 Nights of Accommodation & all meals.
  • Day Delegates – If you wish to attend just for one day, it will be £55 per day and will include refreshments, but not main meals.

You can book online at (just click the “booking” tab)

If you require an invoice, then you can request that from

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