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Archbishop Launches HOPE 2014

HOPE logoAs 100 Christian leaders gathered at Lambeth Palace to pray for HOPE 2014, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby took a prophetic view of the Church. He described the UK 50 years on from 2014, in an era with ‘Archbishop Jo’ at the helm of the Church of England and King William on the throne ‘as a wonderful example of Christian faith’.

The Archbishop set out a vision for a confident and vibrant Church which had learned to put faith into words and action sparked by HOPE 2014. He described his 2063 dream Church as united, forgiving, sacrificial, and risk-taking, spreading and being good news, with a renewed emphasis on prayer, evangelism and reconciliation.

He looked forward to an era when ‘evangelism became not a priority of the Church but THE priority of the church’…when ‘the church believed again that it is the role of every member of the Church of Jesus Christ to bear witness to their faith; to say “I know Jesus Christ and I want to introduce you to him”.’  Read more here

You can download the HOPE logos here to use in your initiatives so the wider world can see that we are working together.

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