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Carve a Heart

This Halloween, churches across the country are standing with international children’s charity World Vision to turn the iconic pumpkin symbol into one of hope. Whole congregations, children’s groups, Bible study groups and families are encouraged to carve a heart in a pumpkin and text HEART to 70060 to donate £5 to World Vision’s work and turn a night of fear into a night of lasting hope. Especially for children like Srey, exploited and abused, Abishek, terrified after Nepal’s earthquake and Harriet, who had no choice but to drink water that she knew could kill her, for the first ten years of her life. We’re providing Prayer and Bible resources to go alongside the pumpkin carving, so that churches can engage with God’s call to bring hope to the hopeless.

Hear from those who participated in the campaign in 2014:

“As Christians who love people and children, we didn't want to hide away on Halloween night, but take a more positive stance and offer an alternative to our community. This is an opportunity to speak to children and adults about what we believe and also offer another way of looking at something.” Bournemouth Community Church.

“The idea of combining the pumpkin stuff with a present and actual theme, is great, and somehow manages to avoid doing an evening that only finds its identity in being opposite to the Halloween celebrations that are happening all around.” Rising Brook Baptist.

If you’d like to find out more, or are interested in signing up for further resources, email or visit

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