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Christian Enquiry Agency Prayer Partners

Because the number of visitors to has increased so dramatically, we have a problem.  It’s a lovely problem, but it needs to be solved.  

People ask us to pray for them.  Lots and lots of them, and it’s increasing every day.  Often they have very pressing needs and no one else to support them.

For example, M is longing and struggling to start a family, and this is what she wrote after we prayed for her:  ‘I think the website is a wonderful thing.  It gives people hope and lets them see that there really are good people out there - friends in God.’  That’s how important your prayers are to our visitors.

About two hundred Prayer Partners pray for those who contact us in this way.  We send an email every Tuesday telling them about those who have contacted us.  But we want to double that number.  If we can double it, everyone would get fewer people to pray for and can concentrate more on each.

Please will you join our Prayer Partners and receive a weekly email?   If you are able to, send an email to with the words ‘Prayer Partner’ in the subject line.

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