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Coffee Chats

Conversation is at the heart of human experience and it is central to Christian life. Coffee Chats is a simple but ingenious resource designed to bring people into a life-changing conversation about Jesus Christ. Through accessible language, engaging illustrations and finely tuned questions, conversation partners are drawn – literally – into the ultimate conversation – the conversation of God. I commend it warmly.

Bishop of Coventry

Coffee Chats is a new resource that has been created by Chris Spicer, a teaching pastor in one of the Coventry churches who has a wider national and international ministry. The illustrations are by Taffy Davies, who used to do the Grove Booklet cartoons. Coffee Chats is a unique blend of conversation and information for those considering the Christian faith. A series of short animated films that can be used in both one-to-one conversations or group discussions – on their own or as part of a series.

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