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Go Chatter

New free video resource for churches:
Go Chatter is a free website of bitesize videos that get people talking about Jesus.
Dan Rackham who used to be a community worker with St Philemon’s CofE in Liverpool started making
YouTube videos on his personal YouTube channel two years ago accruing over 1.4million views. Six
months ago Dan joined in a new ministry initiative to create short videos for churches and
Christians to use in the UK. This new ministry is called Go Chatter and the new videos he’s been creating
have already been watched over 30,000 times. All these videos are available to download completely free
of charge for showing in church services, events or youth groups etc.
Some of our videos are linked to current events or trending topics. Some have a seasonal emphasis.
Others feature someone’s life-story. Some of the videos include ones on Christmas, Easter, Halloween,
Remembrance day, TV series, the Queens Birthday or Brexit.
All our videos point to the good news of Jesus that makes sense of our world and brings hope to our lives.
Dan said: “Lots of churches have let me know that they’ve found these short videos really helpful for
showing in church services.”
By making our videos bitesize and engaging we hope they can be shared and watched really easily.
Sharing content on social media has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. These videos are
ideal to share with others to spark conversations about Christ.
Dan Rackham (32) was a volunteer community worker in Toxteth, Liverpool for 3 years at St Philemon’s
CofE and since taking on this new role has moved to Leyland and is now part of St Andrews CofE. He
enjoys sports like cycling, sailing, and kite surfing, visiting wales on holiday and spending time with his
family and god-daughter. He used to work in the City in London. is a free ministry funded by We’re based in Leyland, UK

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