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Holding on to God when life hurts

Dr Elizabeth McNaught is a medical doctor, and a Christian, who nearly died from anorexia when she was fourteen. She spent many months in an inpatient hospital and years in community care. She fought hard against her illness, went to medical school, and qualified as a doctor in 2016. She attributes her journey through anorexia to her growing faith that God loves her unconditionally, as well as the professional care she received and the support of her family (she is the, now married, daughter of Nick and Carol Pollard).

She is now telling her story, and reflecting on it from her perspective as a doctor, with a vision that this will inspire and encourage others to see that, although life hurts, there is hope for all of us.

‘Life Hurts: a doctor’s personal journey through anorexia.’ by Dr Elizabeth McNaught is published in February 2017 to tie in with Eating Disorders Awareness Week (27 Feb-5 March). For more information see

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