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Is God on the list?

Helping churches around the country add God to the guest list

Bible engagement charity SGM Lifewords has developed a range of Rites of Passage resources for churches to use at weddings, christenings and funerals - and they are offering them free of charge to every church in the UK.

These events are attended by more visitors than any other service in the church calendar – even Christmas – and yet are often neglected as an opportunity to speak to non-Churchgoers.

SGM Lifewords’ Jeremy Williams says:  “Picture the scene: you are in a church full of visitors who are all dressed in their Sunday best. Maybe it is a wedding, or a Christening, or a funeral. At any of these events the guests – Christian or not - are expecting to hear something about God. But they aren’t necessarily expecting for that message to have anything to do with them.

“And that is what we are trying to change. Being in a church environment at these events can be pretty intimidating for people who don’t usually attend, and it can be the case that they will switch off until the “God part” is over. We want to give churches the tools to invite everyone into God’s presence; to encourage them all to include God in their day, whether they are a bride, a groom, a parent, a friend, or a family member.”

There are three cards available - Sharing in our Joy for weddings, Sharing in our Grief for funerals and Sharing in New Life for christenings, and each comes with downloadable background visuals.

To order these cards, and to download the background visuals, visit or contact SGM Lifewords on 0207 7302155.

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