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1. Following Jesus – The Plural of Disciple is Church, by Alison Morgan


We are delighted to announce the publication of Alison’s long-awaited book Following Jesus – The Plural of Disciple is Church. Mentioned by Archbishop Justin Welby in his recent address to General Synod, it carries a raft of commendations from leading practitioners (read them here). Defining discipleship as 'a form of apprenticeship undertaken in community', and drawing on her experience of working with people in the UK and across Africa, Alison offers a compelling mix of personal experience, real life stories and theological reflection. “If you are looking for something to excite people about Christian discipleship, “writes Bishop James Newcome in his Foreword, “this is it.” RRP £10  - Order your copy today from ReSource.


2. Growing Younger – Welcoming Families into the Local Church, by Roger Morgan

For many local churches the big question is ‘how can we attract families to our church?’ Nationally child attendance is in decline, and the average age of our congregations is rising. This book is the result not just of Roger's own experience in ministry but of wide-ranging consultation all over the UK, and it includes many stories from churches which have found the key to growth. Drawing on his previous background in management consultancy, Roger identifies a number of simple steps that can be taken by any church wishing to grow younger. RRP £8 - Order your copy today from ReSource.

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