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Reproducing Churches

In the 240-page book Reproducing Churches (BRF 2017), George Lings argues that the Church has a divine calling and capacity to reproduce, albeit in ways that are intentionally non-identical.

Drawing upon the doctrines of the Trinity, and Christology, using key passages throughout Scripture, as well as sections of church history, he shows how such church reproduction expresses its nature, while working with the kingdom and mission of God. Such searching tests are appropriate if an amendment to inherited ecclesiology is being proposed.

George himself comments …

At a time when fresh expressions of Church are on the way to being seen as normal, I see this book as giving one theological reason why that should be so, and making a small contribution to positively set God’s Church alongside its more popular cousins: kingdom and mission.

One commendation said …

George’s writing is characteristically humble and simultaneously excitingly audacious. If it is true that it is the Church’s vocation to reproduce, this has profound and wide-reaching implications for every church.
Sally Gaze, Fresh Expressions Facilitator for the Diocese of Norwich, and author of Mission-Shaped and Rural

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