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Happy Christmas! It's coming soon!

Happy Christmas! It

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SharetheMiracle, Easter 2019

The ShareTheMiracle Station is a simple and effective way to help transform your community at Easter. Churches have noted its effectiveness at mobilising the entire congregation (regardless of age, experience... everyone can be kind), as a catalyst for starting conversations and building on existing relationships and something that has wider appeal e.g. with local papers etc See case study from St Katherines Church


There are no direct costs involved to run a station and ShareTheMiracle provide a resource pack with everything required.

There are 3 simple steps:


1.      Collect Easter Eggs

a.      Invite your Church community to donate chocolate eggs on the run up to Easter. Once registered (, we send a resource pack with everything that’s needed including promotional posters that can be printed out, emailed, put on social media etc. 

b.      Each Church decides the location and timings of when eggs can be dropped off


2.      Distribute collected Easter eggs to those in need in your local community 

a.      This is an opportunity to leverage existing community relationships and/or open new doors. Kindness is proven to be a great way to start a conversation! Loneliness, those with lived experience of mental ill health and disadvantaged young people are certainly three growing needs in many communities.


3.      Tell us what happened. 

a.      We ask that you share what happened to encourage and inspire others. This could be via our Facebook, Instagram and twitter sties, via email or, for the more adventurous, via a video!


The ShareTheMiracle Station is an easy, fun way for Churches across the country to reach out to their communities at Easter, why not sign up and get involved today.


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