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Sports Factory opportunities

I am emailing you to see whether you knew anyone who might be interested in getting involved in a really exciting initiative we are running in Norwich. The Sports Factory  has been going for 3 years and we as a team are seeking to share our faith in Jesus, through sport, with people who don't currently come to church. We have 5 internship places on offer, to grow and develop new sports ministers for the future. Please see the video below for more details...

Another exciting area of growth is our children and youth departments - we are increasing the number of schools we interact with and holiday clubs and trips are also gaining momentum - and consequently more people are hearing about Jesus too. We would love to see all of this work grow - not just at St Thomas Church but in other churches across the country. There might be someone you know who would be up for coming to Norwich for a year and being trained in sports ministry and then return to your local church to set up a Sports Factory or equivalent with you?  


Please forward this as appropriate and feel free to get in touch with or   if you have any questions.

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