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Talking Jesus

There is a new talking Jesus booklet available that is short, punchy, practical and suitable to build confidence in faith sharing amongst normal Christians.

It summaries the statistics of both the adult and youth research, it has stories of people coming to faith and helps people to take new steps to share their faith because of the encouragement of the research.

Go to to see a pdf of the booklet and to order them for churches.

We have also re-written a more detailed version of the leader’s book, this is available to download for free as well. This would be useful for church leaders and others who want to understand the data in more detail.

There is a short power point of the amalgamated findings of both Adult and Youth talking Jesus follow this link:

Finally the Big Mapping research that I shared with you at MNSG is also available in a power point.

These are the top messages from the latest big church mapping research to help shape strategy:

  1. 0 – 4’s REALLY matter. How we parent, how we do church with them, the youngest members of our churches MATTER they are choosing faith at this formative age. (40% of practising Christians say they came to faith aged 0 – 4)
  2. School age children are choosing faith or not. This gives us great opportunities to help them discover Jesus for themselves.  Experience matters at a young age, it’s not just knowledge.
  3. 76% of practising Christians come to faith by age 18.
  4. Churches other than the CofE are better at reaching adults than we are.
  5. Young people leave us from the age of 11 – 18. We need to create spaces that nurture and keep them in the faith (family, church, school)
  6. Young adults leave us up to age 24 but if we can keep them through these tough years they are likely to stay with us. So helping them do church in a way that makes sense to them matters.
  7. D – E profession people tend to be reached in later life between 24 – 35
  8. Our lowest represented class group is C2
  9. We hardly reach anyone aged over 55
  10. 43% of London’s practising Christians are BAME

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