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Telling Our Story Their Way

We all have a story to tell, and as God’s people we have an incredible story to tell. But how well equipped are we to tell these stories? And in telling them are we doing so in a way that those around us can understand, especially if they’ve never heard it before? And in doing so will it connect with and reach new generations? The arts have a powerful role to play in this and by drawing on the creative contemporary world around us and applying it to the unique message of Christ we can create cultural bridges that will help to grow disciples and transform our communities.

This informal lecture day will use digital images, clips and adverts drawn from contemporary culture, recorded interviews with those working within the arts and media plus opportunity for group discussion.

It will focus on:

-       The importance of the arts within the Christian faith.

-       The relevance of drawing from the contemporary creative culture around us and the active relationship between sacred and secular.

-       Ask how the arts can be incorporated into worship for regular and guest services and how they can accompany written liturgy, as well as being used as a standalone piece.

-       How the arts can play an important role in building bridges between the local church and the parish population to reach those beyond the walls of the church.

-       Provide ideas and techniques using digital art, music and performance with an opportunity to think about the local contexts of those attending the day.

Suitable for those interested in exploring creativity in church further whether they have a basic understanding or are a skilled practitioner.


Rev Ed Olsworth-Peter is the director of the Liturgical design Studio which was founded in 2013 to bring the creative arts further into the life of the church and as a way of gathering and inspiring others who are also interested in creative worship. Ed brings experience as a parish priest and as an artist, interested in the relationship between the sacred and the secular. He is a designer, and a published writer and musician whose work has been performed professionally and has written for the Westend Gospel Choir. He has worked on design and performance projects for a number of churches and regularly creates installations for worship and outreach used throughout the church liturgical calendar. He has been a theatre chaplain to two of London’s West End theatres and has ministered in fresh expressions of church with focus on the arts. He has lead workshops on theatre and design for a number of dioceses in the Church of England and has led training seminars for Theatre Chaplaincy UK, of which he is a council member. Ed is vicar of the united benefice of Holy Trinity, Sydenham and St Augustine’s, One Tree Hill in South East London. He is married to Lisa who is a professional performer and vocal coach.

Email: twitter: @edthevicar @liturgystudio 

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