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Peer review: looking ahead to the next round

We are very grateful to everyone who has been involved in the diocesan peer review programme: both those in dioceses and the peer reviewers.  The 42nd and last peer review has now taken place and we are turning our attention to a second round of reviews.

We set ourselves three objectives: to facilitate shared learning, to ensure mutual accountability and to be of value to dioceses. We are pleased with the progress we have made, although there is more we can do share learning and we believe we can provide greater value to dioceses.

The second round of reviews will retain many features which have worked well.  However, having learned from our experiences and in response to feedback, we are adapting other aspects to have greater impact. For example, we are enhancing the self-assessment process which has proved highly valuable and we plan to explore fewer topics in greater depth at the second peer review meetings.

We have approached dioceses who had their first review in 2016 to arrange a date for their second review; these begin in June and preparations for the early reviews are well underway.

We are developing new guidance material to support the revised process.  Please contact Alan Cruickshank if you have any questions about how things are changing or the plans for the second round.

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