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Lichfield schools:

Pray.Bake.Read is a simple and effective way of churches engaging with their local schools. Started by Libby Leech, Schools Enabler for Lichfield Diocese, Pray.Bake.Read. connects churches with schools in three easy-to-do ways:

  • Pray for your school intentionally and regularly in pairs or small groups
  • Bake a cake once a term and put it in the school staff room with an encouraging note
  • Read one to one with a pupil. Schools are often crying out for people to read with kids.

Libby says: “It’s not that pupils don’t want to attend church, but many aren’t able to come on a Sunday because of football or parents working. This is about taking church to school Monday to Friday and being a blessing in a practical way.”

An opportunity to make links

A Staffordshire primary school headteacher says: “The kids love having someone in school read to them – they are like friends walking through the door. The cakes help raise staff morale at the end of term. Volunteers provide a positive role model for the children.”

Sheila Grice, from Telford’s River Community Church, said: “It’s been received with great positivity by school staff. It’s also great for church members to show Jesus’ love in an informal way.”

Teresa Nixon, Schools Outreach Worker for St John’s Church in Hartford, said: “We see it as a real opportunity to make links, grow relationships and be visible as Christians in our local schools.”

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