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Setting up a new worshipping community what if the electrics trip?

John Keble church in London recently started a new afternoon worshiping community to complement the traditional morning church in order to revitalise the church as a whole. The Revd Simon Rowbory lists some of the questions that he and his team tackled in the preparation stages

We did all the vision and values stuff, meeting to pray after church, but the point came where we had to sit down and look at what all this meant in practice. Here are 50 questions that we had to consider before we started.


What research have you done about the people, area or network you are hoping to reach? Have you dug down into what statistics are available? Do you know the needs, aspirations, frustrations and dreams of the people you encounter? Have you put together a strategic plan that is specific about the goals that you hope to achieve? What financial investment do you need to meet those goals? Will you need to take on new staff in this plan and if so, when? Who will be looking after the finances? Who will be on the team to start the new worshipping community? Who are the key leaders and how does the lead church planter communicate with them?


Where and when do you plan to meet? Who will be there to do the setup? What chairs and tables need to be moved? Who will arrange for heating to be working? Do you know what to do if the electrics trip?


When Christians gather together invariably they sing. So who will be playing the music? What will they be playing on? Will you have some sort of PA or sound system? If not do you want to buy one? Will people read the words from a piece of paper or on a screen? If it’s a piece of paper, who will put this together and print it? If it’s on the screen who will operate it? Where will the projector and laptop come from?


Who will welcome people into the church? Is it easy to find and if not will anyone stand outside to show people where to go? What posters, banners, boards & A-frames will you use to let people know what’s going on? Who will follow up new people? What refreshments will you have? Who will buy them? Who will serve them? What facilities do you have to serve refeshements? How much time will it take every week?


What printed publicity are you producing? What online adverts are you planning? What events are you planning to make yourselves known to the wider community?


What provision are you making for children’s work? For how much of the time will children be with the adults in the service – if so how will this be suitable for all ages (we have Leo the lion)? Who will run and help at children’s activities? What materials will you use? Who will be DBS checked? Do you have a safeguarding policy?


What is the pathway into the church for those who aren’t yet part of it (i.e. what are the stepping stones to believing and belonging)? What nurture/evangelistic course are you going to use? How do you plan to do discipleship in your new church? How to you hope to create community? What will you do when so that you don’t do too much at once? What are going to be your main communications channels with those gathered into the church? How are you going to get feedback about how things are going? Who are the main stakeholders in the project and how will they be communicated with? What is the pattern of rest for the pastor? When is the church going to pray?

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