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Mission Apprentices - Diocese of Birmingham

  • Project Name: Mission Apprenticies

  • Diocese: Birmingham
  • Grant Amount: £100,000


A Diocesan project to train Mission Apprentices combining structured training and mission experience in deprived parishes.


"Convinced of the value of apprenticeships as an ideal way to learn and experiment, we set up our scheme in the Spring of 2012 which enabled seven Mission Apprentices to learn through ideas both 'caught' and 'taught'; 'Caught' from people in their placement churches and from the experienced clergy they are working with and 'taught' through highly structured fortnightly input from practitioners in urban mission complemented by residentials and visits to one another's projects.

Our vision was and remains three fold: to train up apprentices in the practice of mission and ministry in a range of different types of deprived areas in a way that will equip them for life, to learn about what helps to grow the church numerically and spiritually in these deprived areas and to see church growth through the work of the Apprentices.

A year on the stories are already coming in bearing witness to the transformation many of the Apprentices have brought about in their churches and neighbourhoods - and we expect plenty more to come. We are incredibly grateful to the Church Commissioners, the Transforming Church Fund and the St Peter Saltley Trust for taking a chance on us and enabling this to happen.

If anyone would like to know more please contact the Chair of the Steering Group: The Revd Dr Andy Jolley  E Mail:" - The Rev'd Rhiannon Jones; Co-ordinator of Transforming Church (Diocese of Birmingham)





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