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The Learning Community discussion area is a designated space for those directly involved with Development Funding projects, therefore if you are working closely with one of the projects please feel free to sign up and contribute to the discussions.

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Project Profiles: Estates

Jesus Shaped People - Diocese of Bradford

Replication of a vision of mission which has delivered steady and sustained growth in a very deprived estate, into five parishes with similar social profiles in the Diocese of Bradford.

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Mission Apprentices - Diocese of Birmingham

A Diocesan project to train Mission Apprentices combining structured training and mission experience in deprived parishes.

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Eyres Monsell and New Parks Parish Development Project

Augmenting existing growth, using mission workers to help develop the ministry in two Anglo-Catholic parishes with very high levels of multiple deprivation in the Diocese of Leicester.

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Weston Lighthouse Project, Southampton

Expansion of a community-based evangelism in a largely unchurched, deprived estate in the Diocese of Winchester, through employment of an additional evangelist and a trainee.

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Tolladine Mission - St Barnabas, Worcester

Scaling up a successful existing project in the Diocese of Worcester based around a mission community in an area with pockets of exceptional multiple deprivation, by employing a full-time mission leader.

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