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Community Engagement

Transforming Community Engagement

This Resourcing Mission Bulletin case study describes how the congregation of Hodge Hill Church in Birmingham diocese developed a new model of community engagement after their church building fell into a dangerous state of disrepair.

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Everybody Welcome

Everybody Welcome is a course that aims to help transform your church by improving your approach to newcomers. In five teaching sessions, it aims to help you review your attitudes to newcomers, learn new approaches and identify areas of improvement and change.

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Mission Shaped Ministry

This is the national Fresh Expressions Team leadership course. It is a one-year, part-time course that takes participants on a learning journey as part of a supportive community, training them for ministry in fresh expressions of church.

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The Church and Community Fund

The Church and Community Fund offers grant support to parishes in greatest need and that offer the greatest opportunities for community engagement through neighbourhood renewal and church growth.

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