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Welcome to the Church Growth Resources Page. Our aim with this section of the site is to disseminate the best resources that we have come across that help resource mission and growth at local and Diocesan level. Please use the categories list and search box on the left to find specific resources.

If you have any suggestions of resources that you have found helpful please contact us.



Coaching for Performance - J. Whitmore (2002)

Coaching for Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose is a guide for coaching written in a coaching style. This book aims to help leaders learn the skills to coach effectively, uniting people under one purpose to improve performance. This title argues for the use of effective questions and the growing need to relate to the individual's sense of meaning and purpose.

The Church and Community Fund

The Church and Community Fund offers grant support to parishes in greatest need and that offer the greatest opportunities for community engagement through neighbourhood renewal and church growth.

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